Model B

The future is retro.




2 LiFePO4


45 KM/h

0 - 45

5 sec

We designed and optimised sustainable electric scooters for lease and rental purposes! Our Model D is a classic example that clean energy vehicles can be better for the environment whilst still looking awesome!

The Italian style icon
with Zero emission.

With its total orange modern-vintage look, this revolution on wheels is bound to bring delight to its rider. Slip through winding city streets or cruise down major boulevards with ease. Model B is making urban travel faster than ever. Model B is full of easy-to-use intelligent features. 

Model B has no emissions. This new generation electric smart moped has no fumes and is silent without compromising performance. Meaning there are no CO2 emissions or sound.

Electric scooters for lease and rental

Electric scooters reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) because they are cheaper than petrol-fuelled scooters. They are cleaner with fewer moving parts, which means they carry lower maintenance costs and can be used much longer, so you don’t have to replace them as often. electric scooters for lease and rental

Model B is fully electric, meaning it does not need oil, spark plugs, air filters and timing belts. It doesn’t even have a gearbox or clutch; you only need to switch it on and ride. The scooter is almost maintenance-free as the only moving part is the electric engine.

Our battery swapping infrastructure entitled Bob scooter riders to freely swap their empty battery within seconds for a fully charged one, enabling riders to have uninterrupted usage. Thus making right choice for Electric scooters for lease and rental. Swapping increases the range and ease of use of the vehicle, also solving the drawbacks with range while at the same time enabling efficient and clean transportation

Every moped comes equipped with a mobile charger that can be connected to any wall socket. The charger is compact, so you can bring it with you to top up during your ride or for charging at home overnight.

Reinventing the tomorrow of urban exploration requires a deep understanding of lithium-ion technology. Fast charging underrates downtime and lithium’s high discharge rate is perfect for a burst of power. We’ve harnessed lithium battery cell technology to extend coverage in an impossibly light battery pack. The all-new handle and casing make it easy and smart to carry on the go. Making this as Electric scooters for lease and rental

We have embodied technology adopted by world-class automakers globally to create an “armour” around each individual cell to protect the integrity of the entire battery solution. The aluminium alloy shell is more than just a captivating casing. It delivers an added layer of armour to protect the lithium-ion cells from impact while simultaneously regulating battery temperature.

Bob’s proprietary controller dynamically manages the Bob-designed QS Motor to deliver smooth acceleration and the most incredible riding experience.

An electric motor differs from a standard petrol engine because it has instant torque, meaning that as soon as you accelerate, the power is outputted, and acceleration is instant. The moped has great power and speed, which is excellent for city  riding and electric scooters for lease and rental. Additionally, the electric moped has no clutch or gears, creating a more accessible, intuitive vehicle for anyone.

Due to a lower center of gravity, Model B will stay stable in corners, making it more effortless for riders to balance the e-moped even at the lowest velocities. It is difficult to overlook that you can move up to higher speeds easily and quickly without having to wrestle with the clutches and gear. Learning to work with gears takes time and experience, meaning model B is a great option for newbie riders or anyone who wants effortless acceleration without shifting gears.


Running Cost

Fossil Fueled

0.25 USD / 10 KM


Model B

0.08 USD / 10 KM

Service & Maintenance

Fossil Fueled

0.05 USD / 10 KM


Model B

0.03 USD / 10 KM


Fossil Fueled

10g CO2 / 10 KM


Model B

0.3g CO2 / 10 KM

Bob Eco designed vehicles people love to ride and want to own, equipping them with compact computers, and designed the world’s first operating system that constantly thinks about what the Bob riders might need next.

For all riders of Bob Vehicles, access to accompanying mobile apps is given. The apps provide riders with useful, clever, and downright cool features.

We focus on creating connectivity and telemetry functions that enable fleet management and the best possible experience for Bob riders. Everything in the electric moped is monitored at all times, from the position, battery health and current usage status. Making Model B as a right choice of Electric scooters for lease and rental



85 Nm

Top speed

45 km/h

0 - 45 km/h

5 sec

Range (Dual Battery)

90 km

Battery Capacity

2x 1.56 kWh


89 kg

Riding mode

Eco, Sport

(Safety) Features

Fingerprint start
CBS braking system
Removable dual battery solution
LED lights
Increased carrying capacity on subframe
State-of-the-art software
Improved screen user interface
Puncture proof tyres
Night-vision sensor
USB charging port
Stand safety switch

Frequently Asked Questions

The range of Model B is 90 kilometres, divided into two batteries. Terrain, rate of acceleration and tyre pressure will affect the range.

Model B can be charged in 2 different ways, through a portable AC charger or by swapping to a fully charged battery. The charge time of 80% is 1 hour per battery.

The top speed is 45km/h. Model B is available in 75 km/h and 110 km/h editions.

The portable charger can be plugged into any external 110/220V AC socket.

Since the electric mopeds don’t have a combustion engine or gearbox, no oil/filters/gaskets need to be changed. With an electric moped, you will still have the exact maintenance cost for suspension, brakes and regular wear and tear.