E-bike Gen2

Totally indestructible.






23 KM/h

0 - 23

4 sec

We designed and optimised sustainable electric bicycles for rental and daily use! Our Second Generation E-bike is a frontrunner in the market showing how an indestructible bike can still retain style and beauty.

Lithium powered E-tricycle

E-bike Gen2 with big upgrades for riders & cities.

The all-new orange e-bike features significant upgrades that immediately make it the best e-bike available today. The most significant advancement is the swappable, interchangeable battery shared with our Gen2 e-step. This is a massive step for the broader shared micro-mobility industry.

The revolutionary swappable, interchangeable batteries are expected to improve sustainability, service reliability and vehicle lifespan. The E-bikes Gen2 sets a new standard for e-bikes with an automatic two-speed transmission, improved acceleration, a phone holder and much more.

To start, our hardware team works to understand rider and city needs and assesses their feedback. Through on-the-ground research, data and trend analysis, and our personal experience, we gather input from riders about what features and functions will enhance the core experience of interacting with our e-bike.

E-bike Gen2 is an e-bike with superior cost performance and great practicality and comfort.

The E-bike gen2 e-bike is essential to achieving our mission of building a future where transportation is shared, affordable and carbon-free. Standardising our swappable batteries across models is a leap forward for the micro-mobility industry, making operations more efficient and sustainable while improving reliability for Bob riders.

Puncture proof tyre

With the airless technology of Bob, riders continuously cycle safely and comfortably to their destination. The Bob tire provides a soft, comfortable ride and doesn’t sacrifice wet weather handling or grip to do so.

Unique structure

LCD panel integrated with the handle stem showing power status, speed and remaining distance. All combined in a unique structure with all cables hidden.

SAMSUNG Lithium powered

We are featuring interchangeable, swappable SAMSUNG batteries. Lightweight, fast charging, and lasts for years.

Reliability is the core of our service. It encompasses everything from our work to give Bob users complete confidence that they’ll get where they need to go safely and on time to our operations teams focused on ensuring vehicles are fully charged when and where riders need them most. We know that without providing reliable transportation, we’ll never realise our mission of a future for cities that prioritise people over cars.

Bob Eco is accelerating the transition to smarter, cleaner portable electric fuel for Bob users, with a rapidly growing Bob Swapping Network featuring the easy-to-use Bob swapping stations and hyper-efficient swappable, intelligent batteries.

Bob engineered safer, swappable batteries that are future-proof, software enhanced and accessible to all Bob riders.

Every e-bike gen2 comes equipped with a portable charger that can be connected to any wall outlet. The charger is compact, so you can bring it with you to top up during your ride or for charging at home overnight.

We focus on creating connectivity and telemetry functions that enable fleet management and the best possible experience for Bob riders. Everything in the e-bike is monitored at all times, from the position, battery health and current usage status.



675 * 1720 * 1050



Top speed

23 km/h

0- to 23 km/h

4 sec


35 km






36 kg




Phone holder
Removable battery solution
LED lights
Low center of gravity
State-of-the-art software
Improved screen user interface
Puncture proof tyres
Night-vision sensor
USB charging port
Stand safety switch

Frequently Asked Questions

The range of E-bike Gen2 is 35 km. Terrain, rate of acceleration and tyre pressure will affect the range.

E-bike Gen2 can be charged in 2 different ways, through a portable AC charger or by switching to a fully charged battery. The charge time to 95% is 40 minutes.

The top speed is 23 km/h. 

The portable charger can be plugged into any external 110/220V AC socket.