Model X Gen2

The new standard.






85 KM/h

0 - 85

7 sec

We designed sustainable electric motorcycles made for developing countries! Our Massively scalable Model X instigates the most significant environmental benefit possible.

Lithium powered E-tricycle

Electric mobility’s new standard.

We set the new standard for electric motorcycles, adapted, and designed in detail to create the greatest possible environmental benefits and to spur human potential. With a focus on affordability, functionality and performance, the Model X is tailored for developing countries most common commercial usage. Model X was carefully designed to be the pinnacle of safety on African roads, giving optimal protection to the rider and other road users, designed both for urban and rural environments.

Model X Gen2 has no emissions since it can be charged with renewable energy from the grid or a solar system. The electric motor has no fumes and is silent without compromising performance. This means there are no CO2 emissions, nor is there sound pollution.

In addition to great practicality and comfort, the Model X Gen2 is an electric motorcycle with a superior cost-performance ratio.

A system of rechargeable batteries powers the Model X Gen2. The electric motorcycle can cut the cost of ownership by up to 70%. This is achieved with the extreme durability of the Model X; the vehicle is virtually maintenance-free, it can last longer than any petrol-fuelled motorcycle out there, and its electricity is incomparable in price compared to petrol.

Bob Model X Gen2 is 100% fully electric, meaning no component needs oil, petrol or other fossil fuel. Next to that, there are no spark plugs, air filters or timing belts; It doesn’tdoesn’t even have a gearbox or clutch. This makes the motorcycle almost maintenance-free as there is only one moving part, the electric engine, instead of hundreds of tiny moving parts that constantly need repair and replacement.

An electric engine is different from a conventional petrol engine because it has instant torque. This means the power is outputted as soon as you accelerate, and acceleration is instant. This means the motorcycle has excellent power and speed, perfect for city or off-road riding. Additionally, the motorcycle has no clutch or gears, which creates a more accessible, intuitive motorcycle that anyone can ride.

Model X users have indicated the motorcycle is a must-have for the younger, less seasoned riders as learning to ride a model X is like learning to a bicycle. The absence of the clutch/gearing and the addition of a central braking system plus all the other extra safety features helps young riders learn to master the vehicle without over-exposing themselves and others to the risks of the road.

The motorcycle was built for use on any surface, especially rough terrains, and hot climates are no match for the Model X. The motorcycle has an easy climb uphill and has an automated braking system when going downhill, preventing unintended speeding.

Our Model X” ultra-rugged frame design ensures the electric motorcycle is built for all terrains without compromise. We have tested it in extreme conditions to ensure that repairs are kept to a minimum and that the performance is optimal.

The design includes a leg guard, stylish wheels, puncture-proof tyres, increased subframe capacity, and an elongated seat to carry passengers and goods safely and comfortably from A to B.

Bob Eco decided to stick with the classic motorcycle design, as people in developing countries are used to it, and chose to optimise the potential of the classic motorcycle design; this evolved in the super retro machine the Model X Gen2 is as of this day!

Bob Eco is accelerating the transition to smarter, cleaner portable electric fuel for Bob riders in emerging countries with a rapidly growing Bob Swapping Network featuring the easy-to-use Bob swapping stations and hyper-efficient swappable, smart batteries.

Bob engineered swappable batteries that are future-proof, software enhanced and accessible to all Bob riders.

Our battery swapping infrastructure allows Bob riders to within minutes swap their empty battery for a fully charged one. This enables riders to have an uninterrupted utilisation. This increases the range and ease of use, solving the drawbacks with range while at the same time enabling clean transport.

Every electric motorcycle comes equipped with a portable charger that can be connected to any wall outlet. The charger is compact so you can bring it with you to top up during your ride or for charging at home over night.

Portable charging offers users the benefit that they don’t need to go to the nearest swapping station every day but can simply plug their batteries in the evening and can ride the entire day during the day.

The portable chargers are very simple and made to be plug-and-play so any user can use them without any risk. There is also no voltage requirement making it possible to charge batteries at homes where there is no strong power connection.

We focus on creating connectivity and telemetry functions that enable fleet management and the best possible experience for a Bob rider. Everything in the electric motorcycle is monitored at all times, from position, battery health and current usage status.

Batteries are all connected to the Bob network ecosystem interlinked with the “Bobswap” and the “Bob GPS” applications that constantly communicate with out central ecosystem data management system and the battery management system.

The systems have built in securities to protect the batteries from overcharging and battery quality depletion, adding a great value to our central safety guarantees and security management processes.


Running Cost

Fossil Fueled

0.25 USD / 10 KM


Model X Gen2

0.08 USD / 10 KM

Service & Maintenance

Fossil Fueled

0.05 USD / 10 KM


Model X Gen2

0.03 USD / 10 KM


Fossil Fueled

10g CO2 / 10 KM


Model X Gen2

0.3g CO2 / 10 KM

Every country has its unique requirements based on various factors. From cultural and religious features, legal and governmental compliance regulations, geographical and climate aspects, and everything in between.

The Model X Gen2 is developed and designed in developing countries for developing countries, optimized production to cater for the very needs of the product per country. The Model X motorcycle is specifically equipped with all the necessary means and utilities for every country to ensure it can be used to its fullest potential.

Bob Eco designs vehicles people love to ride and want to own. We equipped them with compact onboard computers and programmed the world’s first operating system that constantly thinks about what the Bob riders might need next, whomever the rider is, wherever they are!

The onboard Smart Travel System Framework comprises many smart features that makes the Model X smarter than any other bike in Africa. Every motorcycle has a built in GPS with an active SIM card that communicates the motorcycle’s data and position.

The Framework communicates with the motorcycle, the battery, the GPS and the Bob GPS app. Users can see the position and status of their motorcycle using the application. Bob administrators also have this access and can even turn off all motor functions in case of a theft or payment issues.

The smart keyless start feature is a vital addition for both the user and insurance companies. This feature secures that not the keyholder can start but the designated rider(s), this prevents motorcycle theft through theft of the rider’s keys and assures an insurance company that only the designated rider(s) will use the motorcycle.



185 Nm

Top speed

85 km/h

0 - to 85 km/h

7 sec

Range (Dual Battery)

150 km

Battery Capacity

2x 2.88 kWh


220 kg


140 kg

Driving mode

Eco, Sport

(Safety) Features

Fingerprint start
CBS braking system
Removable dual battery solution
LED lights
Increased carrying capacity on subframe
State-of-the-art software
Improved screen user interface
Puncture proof tyres
Night-vision sensor
USB charging port
Leg guard
Stand safety switch

Frequently Asked Questions

The range of our electric motorcycle is 150 km divided on 2 batteries mounted on the motorcycle. Terrain, rate of acceleration and tyre pressure will affect the range.

Model X Gen2 can be charged in 2 different ways, through a portable AC charger or by swapping to a fully charged battery. The charge time to 90% is 2 hours per battery.

The top speed of the standard edition is 85 km/h. Model X Gen2 is also available in a 45, 90 and 110 km/h edition.

The portable charger can be plugged into any external 110/220V AC socket.

Since electric motorcycles don’t have a combustion engine or gearbox, there’s no oil/filters/gaskets that need to be changed. With an electric motorcycle you will still have the same maintenance cost for suspension, brakes and regular wear and tear.