Model 3

The first ever Lithium powered E-tricycle.






25 KM/h


4 LiFePO4

Our massively scalable Model 3 Lithium powered E-tricycle is the perfect machine for clean rural development in some of the world’s most remote areas!

Lithium powered E-tricycle

More than a means of transport, it’s a way of living.

The first ever lithium-ion-powered tricycle for a rural environment. By leveraging technological know-how and manufacturing skills from the revolution in electric transport, Bob Eco brings Model 3 Lithium powered E-tricycle, an affordable and renewable electric tricycle built for a rural off-road environment. Bob developed Model 3 to be un-stealable and keep riders safer on the streets with regular software updates.  

Model 3 Lithium powered E-tricycle is designed to positively impact emerging markets for the long term, including job creation and reducing inequality!

Model 3 is a lithium-ion powered tricycle revolutionising the way tens of millions of African people move inside and outside the continent.

Model 3 Lithium powered E-tricycle is a low-cost, renewable electric tricycle built for a rural off-road environment.

Model 3 Lithium powered E-tricycle is designed to cater to the user’s need for local mobility and make them accessible and invest in longer-term off-grid community-based renewable power solutions.

Infrastructure and transport remain tremendous obstacles to development in many parts of emerging markets. Rural farmers are often far away from main transport roads and suffer massive costs in both time and finances to get their goods to market. It hinders the development of agriculture. More than half of the untapped potential for cultivation in the region is located more than six hours away from a significant market.

Model 3 Lithium powered E-tricycle  is faster, cleaner, and better than any other affordable tricycle serving in emerging markets.

Model 3 is optimised for local conditions and can carry up to 300 kg, which improves access to markets and services for smallholder farmers and entrepreneurs. Model 3 runs on four pieces of long-life LiFePO4 batteries.

Model 3 Lithium powered E-tricycle can power off-grid Agri-related appliances. Model 3 advances the productive use of energy in rural communities and improves access to markets and income opportunities for people in emerging markets.

Model 3 Lithium powered E-tricycle is continuously improved by the Bob Eco Research & Development Centre. Bob Eco’s devoted team has all the necessary disciplines, covering vehicle design, vehicle engineering, vehicle development, vehicle testing, etc., and has presented and delivered Model 3 with imagination, creativity, expertise and success.

Every country has its unique requirements based on various factors. From cultural and religious features, legal and governmental compliance regulations, geographical and climate aspects, and everything in between.

The Model 3 is developed and designed in developing countries for developing countries, optimised production to cater for the very needs of the product per country. The Model 3 tricycle is specifically equipped with all the necessary means and utilities for every country to ensure it can be used to its fullest potential.

Bob Eco designs vehicles people love to ride and want to own. We equipped them with compact onboard computers and programmed the world’s first operating system that constantly thinks about what the Bob tricycle drivers might need next, whomever the driver is, wherever they are!



2600 * 1175 * 1345 mm

Cargo box size

1300 * 1100 * 1330 mm


72V - 1000W

Motor type

Differential motor

Loading weight

300 kg


72V - 1000W

Brake system

Front disc

Front fork


Charging time

4 hours = 95%

Top speed

25 km/h

0- to 25 km/h

4 sec

Range 4 Batteries

60 km

Battery Capacity

4 x 72V - 20ah


300 kg

Curb weight

220 kg

(Safety) Features

Fingerprint start
CBS braking system
Removable battery solution
LED lights
Increased carrying capacity on subframe
State-of-the-art software
Improved screen user interface
Puncture proof tyres
Night-vision sensor
USB charging port
Safety park mode

Frequently Asked Questions

The range of Model 3 is 60 km divided on 4 batteries mounted on the tricycle. Terrain, rate of acceleration and tyre pressure will affect the range.

Model 3 can be charged in 2 different ways, through a portable AC charger or by switching to a fully charged battery. The charge time to 80% is 2.5 hours per battery.

The top speed is 25 km/h.

The portable charger can be plugged into any external 110/220V AC socket.

Since electric vehicles don’t have a combustion engine or gearbox, there’s no oil/filters/gaskets that need to be changed. With an electric vehicle you will still have the same maintenance cost for suspension, brakes and regular wear and tear.